Cuban-American Doctor Funds App to Bridge Healthcare Gap in Rural Latin America & Africa


Miami, Florida Oct 3, 2023 ( – In an era where digital innovation is increasingly bridging gaps, Dr. Pablo Odeley Puente Fumero, honored as one of the top 100 doctors globally in 2022 by Top100doc and Global Summit, has stepped forward to fund and champion the pioneering health application, DrWeb.APP. This digital platform, the brainchild of South African entrepreneur Christopher Gregory De Water and Cuban-American Alexander Manso, is set to redefine the face of virtual medicine, especially in third-world countries.

Communities tucked away in the far reaches of Africa and Latin America, while lacking direct medical facilities, often have a glimmer of internet connectivity. It’s this very connectivity that DrWeb.APP capitalizes on, allowing residents in these areas to quickly connect with a medical professional, reducing the time and physical barriers that have historically impeded healthcare access.

The advantages of using DrWeb.APP are manifold:

  • Immediate Medical Consultations: Residents no longer need to undertake arduous journeys to distant clinics. With a simple click, they can have their symptoms evaluated, get a diagnosis, and receive treatment advice.

  • Cost-Efficiency: For NGOs and local governments, this platform could drastically reduce operational costs, ensuring more funds can be directed towards medicines, equipment, and on-ground support.

  • Data Collection: DrWeb.APP can act as a valuable tool for gathering medical data, helping in the tracking and management of diseases, and providing insights into the prevalent health issues of a region.

  • Education and Awareness: The platform could double up as a tool for disseminating crucial health information, guiding communities about preventive measures, vaccination drives, and more.

Dr. Fumero’s ambition stretches beyond merely introducing a tech solution. “The overarching objective,” he asserts, “is to empower medical-service NGOs with a tool that’s not just effective but also affordable. This will guarantee sustained and smooth doctor-patient communication.” He adds, “It’s disheartening to know that many patients lose their lives to treatable diseases, simply because they couldn’t access a doctor in time.”

In tandem with their mission, the DrWeb.APP team is actively forging ties with regional governments to discuss potential implementations. They are also on the lookout for like-minded collaborators to expand the platform’s reach and capabilities.

In conclusion, this initiative promises to be more than just a technological advancement; it’s poised to be a beacon of hope, ensuring a brighter, healthier future for countless individuals across Africa and Latin America.

Dr Pablo Odeley

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Source :DrWeb.APP

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