Qor Gaming, LLC Secures Major Investment from TTI Gaming Holdings, LLC as Lead Investor

Las Vegas – Qor Gaming LLC, the company responsible for Qorbi World and One Tap, proudly announces a significant milestone in its journey toward revolutionizing the gaming industry. John Bardis, CEO of Qor Gaming, reveals that the company has successfully secured a lead investor for their ongoing funding round, and it is none other than TTI Gaming Holdings, LLC.

TTI Gaming Holdings, a prominent entity in the gaming investment landscape, has recognized the immense potential and innovative vision behind Qor Gaming’s gaming platform. This strategic investment signifies a critical moment for both companies as they embark on a partnership to redefine the gaming landscape.

“We are thrilled to welcome TTI Gaming Holdings as our lead investor,” says John Bardis, CEO of Qor Gaming. “Their belief in our vision and mission validates our commitment to pushing the boundaries of GameFi experiences.”

While the funding will support Qor Gaming’s endeavors, this partnership goes beyond just financial backing. Qor Gaming, known for its cutting-edge platform that bridges esports-style gaming with blockchain game rewards and in-game assets, plans to leverage this collaboration to enhance its offerings further.

“We see this as a powerful alliance that will open up new horizons for both companies,” adds Bardis. “With TTI Gaming Holdings on board, we aim to explore innovative ways to deliver unparalleled gaming experiences and bring even more value to our customers and fans.”

TTI Gaming Holdings, renowned for its investments in the gaming and esports domain, has a track record of supporting innovative ventures that drive industry growth. This partnership with Qor Gaming reaffirms its commitment to shaping the future of the gaming landscape.

While specifics of the investment remain confidential, the injection of capital is expected to fuel Qor Gaming’s expansion, enabling the company to develop new features, enhance existing services, and explore potential collaborations within the gaming community. In addition to supporting their development efforts, Qor Gaming continues to deliver entertainment to its Esports fans by way of competitive gaming through its teams and content creation.

“Ticker Tape believes in the potential of Qor Gaming,” states Tom Schmidt, spokesperson for TTI Gaming Holdings. “The industry is growing rapidly and has just barely scratched the surface of monetization of the Web3 gaming concept. QOR is at the forefront of that segment and is significantly ahead of its competitors in development and audience development. We are proud to be leading this investment round for QOR and look forward to helping guide its development.”

With this transformative partnership, Qor Gaming, LLC takes a substantial step forward, reinforcing its position as a trailblazer in the gaming ecosystem. Players and gaming enthusiasts can expect exciting developments as the company continues its journey to redefine gaming through technology and innovation.

About Qor Gaming LLC

Qor Gaming, LLC is the power behind the revolutionary Qorbi World, a visionary free-to-play multi-game ecosystem that merges esports-style gaming, blockchain game rewards, and NFT in- game assets. To learn more about its innovative and unparalleled gaming experiences, visit https://www.qorbiworld.com. Stay up to speed with their latest beta release, One Tap, at https://playonetap.com and https://twitter.com/playonetap.

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