THINKWARE Announces Exciting Halloween Dash Cam Deals

London, United Kingdom Oct 2, 2023 ( – World-leading dash cam brand, THINKWARE, is unveiling its Halloween offers, showcasing impressive discounts on some of the most sought-after dash cams on the market today.

  • The Q1000 1CH + RADAR (TWA-RAD) features a 2K QHD camera renowned for its exceptional night vision. Outfitted with WiFi, GPS, and 32GB of onboard storage – expandable up to 256GB using your chosen memory card – this camera provides extensive coverage. Its super wide-angle view ensures a comprehensive field of vision for heightened security.

Standard price: 318.99. October price: 289.00.

  • Q1000 2CH + RADAR (TWA-RAD) – Incorporating all the features of the aforementioned camera, this model is further enhanced with an additional rear-view camera, ensuring protection for your car from every angle.

Standard price: 398.99. October price: 369.00.

  • U1000 1CH + RADAR (TWA-RAD) – The U1000 is widely known as the highest-quality dash cam currently on the market. Recording in 4K Ultra HD at 30fps (If the resolution is adjusted to QHD, it can be used at 60fps), it can take in every detail of every journey or incident that your vehicle is involved in. With a 150 wide angle lens, your blind spots are minimal. The 32GB storage can easily be upgraded with an additional memory card. While super night vision, wide dynamic range, and automatic exposure compensation, mean that this is a dash cam with a lot to give.

Standard price: 369.99. October price: 319.00.

  • U1000 2CH + RADAR (TWA-RAD) – Again, this package takes the standard U1000 and upgrades it with a secondary camera, keeping the front and rear of your car covered. Whether stationary or on the move.

Standard price: 468.99. October price: 419.00.

By integrating the TWA-RAD radar module with your current Thinkware U1000 and Q1000 dash cam, you can enhance power efficiency during the Parking Surveillance Mode. As your vehicle remains parked in Energy Saving Mode, this radar system utilizes motion sensing to start recording even before the cam’s built-in G-Sensor activates, ensuring capture of 20 seconds of footage both before and after an impact.

Prominent features of this promotion encompass package deals of the F790 camera – notably, the F790 2CH + MB-100 + 2 x BCFH-50SW bundle that offers an impressive 69.97 off. There’s also the more affordably priced F790 1CH + BCFH-57IR. Known as ‘who’s the back seat cameras’, these dash cams are essential for drivers who transport passengers professionally. They record both inside and outside the vehicle, ensuring drivers’ safety and protection.

THINKWARE representative comments: “Autumn can be a difficult time for drivers. With rain, heavy winds, and fallen leaves making surfaces slippery, it’s easy for accidents to happen and the lengthening nights provide better cover for would-be thieves.”

“When reportable incidents occur, dash cams can provide vital evidence to ensure that the blame is laid at the right door. Whether that’s another motorist, a council for poorly maintaining the trees or potholes along the highway, or an individual up to no good.”

“Close to 55,000 dashcam videos have been submitted to UK police since 2018, helping justice to be served and easing the stress of insurance claims. So, with autumn really making itself felt, we thought we’d ease the burden a little with some significant savings – whether for personal purchases, or those trying to get ahead of the Christmas rush.”

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