Mobicule Unveils mCollect: Industry’s First Phygital Debt Resolution Platform

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Leverages both technologies backed by AI and human engagement to reduce bounce rates and increase collection efficiency

Mumbai, Maharashtra Oct 2, 2023 ( – Mobicule Technologies, a recognised player in debt collection and a leading home-grown digital customer on-boarding company in India is proud to introduce its Phygital Debt Resolution service to enhance the capabilities of the debt collection and loan recovery market. The cutting-edge solution blends digital outreach parallel with customer-focused call centre to produce a streamlined and efficient approach to debt collection and resolution. This approach guarantees a customer centric strategy and will help reduce bounce rates as it will cater to user behaviour with a combination of digital + AI + physical calls and increase collection efficiency post delinquency.

Banks and NBFCs frequently struggle in the current modern economic landscape to manage debt collection across a variety of channels, leading to operational inefficiencies and rising expenses. Mobicule’s Omni-Channel Debt Resolution Service addresses this challenge with a cost-effective approach.

Siddharth Agarwal, Founder and Managing Director, Mobicule Technologies, while expressing his enthusiasm for this innovative and industry first solution said, “Often, banks and NBFCs assign cases to digital collections, and unresolved cases are then transferred to call centres for resolution. Often, both channels are used simultaneously or underutilised, resulting in inefficiency and increased costs. Mobicule has introduced an integrated debt resolution service that seamlessly combines a multi-lingual / multi-city 100 plus seater call centre operations with digital outreach, creating a true omni-channel solution that leverages technology, data science, strategy, and a physical call centre viz SMS, Email, WhatsApp, IVR, Voice Bot, Outbound, and Inbound call centre services. Our goal is to optimise the synergy between digital and human call centre capabilities, utilising real-time customer interactions and behaviour on the platform.

Our debt collection platform caters to all stages of delinquency pre, early, mid and late. We have designed our platform to especially cater and manage to recovery cycles of settlement, asset repossession and legal workflow management. Here comes our next differentiator where we are offering an integrated platform with legal services to manage your legal process backed by lawyers catering to specific areas of expertise and locations.

Our Phygital Debt Resolution Service aims to redefine debt collection and recovery by combining technology with personalised customer engagement. We intend to improve recovery rates and reduce operational costs for financial institutions.”

Mr. Yatin Pednekar, Chief Technology Officer, Mobicule Technologies expressed that, “By harmonising digital capabilities with human-centred strategies, Mobicule is not just streamlining the processes; but is putting customers first. The goal is to enhance collection efficiency while reducing bounce rates, offering a revolutionary approach that ensures financial institutions can navigate the complexities of debt collection with precision and care.”

Mobicule’s service incorporates several key features designed to transform the debt resolution process. These include a multi-channel engagement approach, utilising SMS, Email, WhatsApp, IVR, Voice Bots, Outbound, and Inbound call centres to engage customers through their preferred communication channels. Also, the service offers real-time customer insights, enabling the development of tailored strategies based on debtor behaviour.

Furthermore, the integration of Mobicule’s mCollect software platform with Cloud & Telecom, BPO & KPO services creates an end-to-end ecosystem, offering a comprehensive suite of debt collection, resolution, and recovery capabilities. With Mobicule’s commitment to innovation and customer-centricity, the future of debt resolution looks brighter, offering financial institutions a fresh perspective and a streamlined path to success.

Mobicule (Mobicule Technologies Pvt. Ltd.) – Delivering Actionable Intelligence | Mobicule is a pioneer in products focused on mobile field force and has successfully deployed and managed some of the largest mobile field force implementations across Sales and distribution, Telecom, and BFSI.With its experience and domain knowledge now spanning 2 decades it has established its niche in Debt Collection, KPI and gamification, Digital KYC integrated end to end with internal (core banking, EPR, CRM) and external systems (credit bureaus, govt portals). Backed by a strong R&D and adopting the latest and upcoming technologies it has managed to establish a niche market position. Mobicule’s steadfast vision and commitment to add value to its customers, employees and all its stakeholders have put it on a rapid growth path to attain a leadership position in the business domains it caters to.

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