Nailing Success: The Doorway Group Crafts AI Toolkit for Tradies

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A cutting-edge resource, The Tradie’s ChatGPT Cheat Kit to Business Success launches. A Free Resource, the book is an AI-powered toolset for tradespeople in business.

Geelong, Victoria Sep 28, 2023 ( – In a significant move poised to transform Australia’s trade industry landscape, The Doorway Group, spearheaded by Kirsten Macdonald, has released a free, cutting-edge resource, The Tradie’s ChatGPT Cheat Kit to Business Success.

The comprehensive guide is an AI-powered toolset to redefine how tradespeople approach their businesses, manage their finances, and make key operational decisions.

The release comes when severe shortages of skilled tradespeople affect all regions of Australia, according to the Housing Industry Association. Furthermore, Prospa reports indicate that 10 percent of small-business owners in the trades work between 50 and 59 hours a week, with 16 percent putting in 60 hours or more. Over a quarter are working more than 50 hours each week.

Kirsten Macdonald’s depth of experience as a ChatGPT prompt engineer and a business mentor for small business owners was the foundation for the idea.

“I was a bookkeeper for years for tradies, and my family is full of them; my business mentoring clients also include tradies,” said Macdonald. “So recently, when I was writing an e-book, Travis, my business partner, suggested we couldn’t forget the tradies!”

“AI is such a powerful tool; whilst it cannot replace expert advice, it can act as a highly effective lightning-quick assistant, saving so much time for those so busy already, harnessing this technology is a no-brainer,” says Kirsten.

The guide offers a range of solutions to some of the most pressing issues facing tradespeople today. It contains over 50 copy-and-paste prompts to generate everything from productivity shortcuts, marketing, and digital media hacks to creating tenders and preparing contracts in minutes. The kit gives prompts for optimized business strategies, streamlining operations and improving service delivery. The kit also provides financial tools to set realistic pricing and pinpoint sustainable growth paths, a critical asset for any tradesperson navigating the fluctuating costs of labour and materials.

Perhaps one of the most compelling features of the guide is its emphasis on data-driven decision-making. Powered by artificial intelligence, the ChatGPT Cheat Kit offers prompts that enable tradespeople to make evidence-based decisions in various aspects of their business, from search engine optimization strategies to setting competitive yet fair pricing.

Time management, a critical aspect of the trade industry, also gets attention. The resource presents practical techniques for balancing workload while boosting productivity, potentially saving hundreds of invaluable hours annually. Moreover, in a sector where differentiation is key but often difficult to achieve, the kit offers advice on content creation and marketing strategies to help tradespeople stand out.

While Macdonald’s guide is tailored to benefit tradespeople at all experience levels and expertise, it is more than just a technical manual. It stands as a testament to deep industry understanding and aims to be an empathetic solution to the daily challenges tradespeople face.

Available for free download at The Doorway Group website, The Tradie’s ChatGPT Cheat Kit to Business Success is not just a product but a reflection of Macdonald’s commitment to making the daily grind of tradespeople more efficient, lucrative, and satisfying. For tradespeople looking to elevate their business acumen and operational efficiency, this guide serves as a stepping stone and a seismic shift in how the industry can embrace technology and data-driven strategies for enduring success.

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