Montreal Certified Medical Esthetic Education To Start A MedSpa Business Expands

The Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy has announced a new class for beginners that helps students gain all the certifications and skills required to open a MedSpa, with training in up to a dozen popular aesthetic procedures.

More information about opening a home MedSpa business, training in popular aesthetics procedures, and a full list of available courses can be found at

This recently announced training program is open to all students with at least a high school education or some form of relevant work experience. While students will be required to attend at least one week of in-class training, the majority of the program can be completed from anywhere with an internet connection, at the students’ own convenience.

The new course begins with seven online modules, which teach students about the medical aesthetic industry, the requirements for running or working in a clinic, and the underlying science behind each treatment. Once students complete the online training portion of the program, they can schedule their one week of hands-on training at any Dermysk Academy across Canada.

In the practical training portion of the course, students will work hands-on with medical aesthetic tools, clients, and procedures to gain real-world experience. At the end of the training, each student should be fully experienced in all the techniques covered in the Basic training program, and ready to either begin working in a MedSpa or open a clinic.

Graduates may return at any time for additional training in more complex techniques, such as stem cell treatments and Cool Sculpting, by enrolling in the Advanced course. Alternatively, students may choose to enroll in the Master-level training, which covers both the Basic and Advanced training, in a single course.

In the Master-level course, students will learn the full range of MedSpa techniques allowable without a medical license, and graduates will receive a “Master of Medical Aesthetics” certificate. However, while this program has no prerequisites, the Dermysk Academy staff reserves the right to limit it to certain, highly dedicated students.

A spokesperson for the Dermysk Academy explained, “Our Master Medical Aesthetics Certification course unlocks a wealth of opportunities. This certification not only offers access to working in high-end spas and clinics but also paves the way to owning a successful medical aesthetics business if desired. Embark on a journey to a prosperous career in the thriving medical aesthetics field.”

More information about the available classes, online training options, and Dermysk Academy locations can be found at

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