Salem, OR Search Box Optimization Marketing, Autocomplete Strategy Announced

Also known as autocomplete optimization, ZFire Media’s new marketing strategy TotalTakeover (TTO) positions a business in the auto-suggestions box on Google and Bing – improving brand awareness and conversion rates.

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The announcement comes as HubSpot reveals that 42% of Millennials who perform a local search will visit a nearby business. As such, ZFire Media believes that by positioning its clients in front of consumers the moment they start their search journey, it can improve both their website and foot traffic.

“In the past, you had to fight and pay a heavy price for the top of page one using SEO and pay for every click in a pay-per-click campaign,” explains ZFire Media. “But now, you have the opportunity to outpace your competition, let go of the pay-per-click approach, and take control of the entire first page of organic search results.”

With TTO autocomplete optimization, the client’s chosen keyword phrase appears in the Google and Bing auto-suggestions box along with their company name. This creates the impression of the business being recommended by the search engine, thus helping to build brand authority and customer trust. Once prospective customers click on that suggested phrase, they are taken to a page dominated by the client’s company – essentially bypassing the competition.

While clients can submit their own keyword phrase, after checking the availability by using a no-cost tool on ZFire Media’s website, the agency can also recommend keyword phrases based on monthly search volume, competitiveness, and pay-per-click bid costs, among other factors. A keyword phrase can only be sold once – so clients get exclusive rights.

Compared to traditional SEO and PPC, search box optimization offers faster and more consistent results – taking 60 to 90 days to be fully operational and delivering up to 10 organic first-page results. It is also not affected by Google’s algorithm changes – thus eliminating ongoing optimization costs.

“TTO is a rare case where ‘inside-the-box’ thinking offers the advantage you need to stand out,” a spokesperson added.

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