Los Altos Stellate Ganglion Block Treatment For Post-COVID Parosmia Announced

The recently announced SGB treatments are administered by Dr. Sara Herman, a Harvard trained physician and board-certified cardiothoracic anesthesiologist. The therapy is now offered for several other conditions, including anxiety, PTSD, and other trauma-related mental health struggles.

More details can be found at https://softrebootwellness.com/stellate-ganglion-block-treatments/

The move comes as several recent studies have demonstrated the potential for stellate ganglion block treatments to improve anosmia, parosmia, ageusia, and dysgeusia. Olfactory (smell and taste) dysfunction remains a significant long-term symptom of COVID-19, and the clinic’s goal is to offer an effective approach in a safe and medically controlled setting.

In one study, carried out by the University of South Florida, over 80% of patients suffering from long-term symptoms of COVID-19 reported improvements in smell and taste after receiving SGB treatment. The study concludes that, with no other approaches having yet been identified, SGB holds promise as an effective therapy.

While Soft Reboot Wellness has offered SGB treatments for anxiety-related struggles for some time, the clinic’s recent announcement comes in response to the growing body of evidence as it relates to smell and taste problems. Treatments are conducted in the Menlo Park-based clinic, with each visit lasting approximately 1 hour.

“At Soft Reboot Wellness, SGB is always administered by a board-certified anesthesiologist, with expert knowledge of neck anatomy and pharmacology related to the local anesthetic used in SGB,” Dr. Herman of Soft Reboot Wellness explains. “The treatment is completely safe and has helped our patients find meaningful relief from their PTSD symptoms.”

Read a case study here: https://sgbsuccessstories.com/palo-alto-ca-testimonial-sgb-ultrasound-treatment-anxiety/

About Soft Reboot Wellness

In addition to SGB treatments, Soft Reboot Wellness is one of the leading IV ketamine infusion clinics in the wider San Francisco Bay Area. The center’s goal is to introduce the promising new approach of psychedelic medicine in an ethical and safe manner.

“I spent a long session with Dr. Sara where she did a thorough review of my goals, described the process, took my health and psychological history, and approved me for the therapy,” one client recently stated. “I recently did a Stellate Ganglion Block (SGB) and I’ve noticed a meaningful reduction in this kind of unwelcomed anxiety. The procedure felt trivial physically, just a bit of pressure on my neck during and a hoarse voice for about 6 hours afterwards.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://www.softrebootwellness.com/faqs/

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