HPQ Silicon PUREVAP Gen3 Quartz Reduction Reactor pilot plan project hits 80% of milestones

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HPQ Silicon CEO Bernard Tourillon joined Steve Darling from Proactive to share exciting developments regarding the company's PUREVAP Gen3 Quartz Reduction Reactor (QRR) pilot plant project.

This project aims to utilize green engineering processes for the production of silica and silicon materials, addressing environmental concerns in material production.

Tourillon announced that the project has achieved significant milestones, successfully validating approximately 80% of the project's key targets. Among these achievements, the process has attained an impressive 99.5% silicon purity (2N+), surpassing the purity threshold of commercially available silicon.

Notably, production has scaled up significantly, reaching 2,500 times the capacity of the PUREVAP Gen2 QRR. Additionally, the process has achieved one-step production of 3N+ silicon, commonly referred to as battery-grade silicon.

Another notable achievement is the reduced feedstock usage, with the process requiring 25% less raw materials compared to conventional carbothermic processes that utilize a 6:1 ratio of raw materials to produce 1 ton of metallurgical-grade silicon.

PyroGenesis, the company responsible for the project, has indicated that the modified crucible will be delivered to the testing facility soon. If all goes according to plan, the silicon pour is expected to be completed in the following week.

These accomplishments mark significant progress in HPQ Silicon's pursuit of green and efficient silicon production processes. The achievement of high silicon purity, scalability, and reduced feedstock usage positions the company as an innovative player in the silicon materials industry and aligns with broader environmental and sustainability goals.

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