Animated E-Book & Digital Course Designs: eCoverly By Adeel Chowdhry Launched

The new release is intended to help more entrepreneurs gain traction and achieve success in the creator economy, which now features more than 45 million professionals according to research from WPbeginner.

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The recent release is the latest upgrade to the software, which began with Ecover Studio in 2009, and then Pixel Studio FX in 2015. Now Adeel Chowdhry is offering fresh innovations, with leading-edge technology to create more engaging books, reports, courses, templates, and more.

A static image alone is often not enough to capture an audience’s attention, especially in competitive niches. With eCoverly, creators can produce animated ebooks and course covers that make content more captivating based on customizable 3D and 2D templates along with a library of on-brand characters and assets.

The software aims to democratize animated content creation, allowing those without video production expertise to use motion graphics across a wide range of digital assets. Users choose a template, select a matching 3D model, and then customize the design with fonts, color adjustments, and royalty-free assets. The software is integrated with PixaBay, Icon Finder, and Shutterstock and has a wide range of 300 dpi graphics.

eCoverly empowers creators to use animated images throughout their sales funnel – from landing pages to email campaigns and more. Consistent messaging and engaging visuals can help to build authority with their audience and establish their business more effectively.

For online course creators, eCoverly provides a way to make their offerings appear more professional. Animated course covers efficiently communicate key information while building intrigue, and can boost conversion rates by clearly conveying the value proposition before students click to enroll.

Adeel Chowdhry explains that eCoverly’s animated assets can also be impactful for email list building and engagement. Creators can integrate dynamic graphics that align with ongoing promotions or seasons, acting as a value-add that helps to increase subscriber lifetime value.

A spokesperson states: “Get ready for the world’s first animated e-cover technology, using 3D animation to improve conversion by up to 451%.”

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