Alpine, NJ Spiritual Guide: Mindfulness Counselling & Wellness Coach Update

Its new services help individuals recognize and embrace the full human emotional spectrum and explore alternative healing methods. Clients work with a spiritual guidance coach who supports them through their self-awareness journey.

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By enhancing their services, Eternal Earth Sanctuary continues its mission of offering individualized spiritual experiences. Clients, through spiritual counseling, can recognize their current life challenges and learn how to navigate around them by understanding various life philosophies.

The team clarifies that spiritual counseling is not about chasing eternal bliss or willfully ignoring one’s circumstances. Instead, it allows clients to feel their negative emotions and then learn how to master them. With time, inner harmony is achieved, enabling individuals to feel peaceful and grounded despite external conflicts.

Depending on the client’s emotional state, additional grounding activities such as meditation and journaling may be recommended. These activities facilitate faster healing and emotional acceptance.

Eternal Earth Sanctuary’s integrative approach combines ancient wisdom and modern healing to improve wellness. Because it is committed to providing “wellness on the go”, the team travels to its client’s location in a modified van, offering accessible and convenient healing to anyone feeling burdened by everyday life, particularly members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Aside from spiritual guidance, the group also offers life coaching, intuitive guidance, and crystalline chakra balancing. All sessions are meant to be judgment-free and open spaces for attendees to discuss their thoughts and emotions.

Eternal Earth Sanctuary was founded by Dr. Nicole Sinisgalli, a multi-accredited priestess and ceremonial facilitator. A member of the LGBTQ+ community, Dr. Sinisgalli understands the unique challenges non-binary individuals face in their spirituality and religion.

Dr. Sinisgalli writes, “Our vision is to create a world where wellness is a priority, not a luxury. We want to inspire people to make self-care a part of their daily routine and to show them that they don’t have to sacrifice their well-being for their conditioned lifestyles.”

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