Thousand Oaks Search Box Optimization, Dentist Marketing Strategy Announced

Autocomplete can reduce typing time by 25% – essentially saving over 200 years of typing time per day, according to Google. The feature is especially useful for mobile searches, which currently make up 56% of all searches, as reported by HubSpot. As such, ‘My Tooth Media’ (MTM) has developed a strategy that takes advantage of Google’s autocomplete box – for both desktop and mobile searches – to position dentists as the top choice in their area.

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With autocomplete optimization, MTM places the dentist’s brand name in front of potential patients at the very start of their search journey – building both authority and brand awareness. “Your dental practice will be presented as a suggested term to your customers even before they have an opportunity to come across your competition,” added a representative.

The keyword phrase can be chosen by the client – based on what their patients normally use to find them online – or recommended by MTM based on monthly search volume, competitiveness, and related searches, among other factors. That keyword phrase is sold to the client – who will have exclusive rights to it – and then placed, with the client’s brand name, in the autocomplete box. This gives potential patients the impression that Google, or another search engine, is recommending the practice – thus increasing perceived authority and improving clickthrough rates.

Once prospects click on the suggested term, they are taken to a first page of Google, which can feature the client’s practice on up to 10 organic spots.

The autocomplete optimization service is available at a fixed monthly rate, with no ongoing optimization costs, as the results are not affected by frequent algorithm updates or strategies employed by the competition – as is the case with traditional SEO. While search box optimization does include elements of SEO, it focuses on organic listings backed by blogs, videos, and quality backlinks. Results can be seen in 60 to 90 days, says MTM.

“Search box optimization will yield a higher ROI than standard SEO and PPC due to lower costs and higher clickthroughs,” a spokesperson added.

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