Queens Interstate Moving For High Rise Apartments: Organization Guide Released

Organizing an upcoming move from one apartment or house to another should start several months before the first box is packed, according to this new guide by Movers.com, which explains the entire process from choosing a moving crew to setting up the new home.

More information about planning a move, choosing a moving crew, and the complete organization report can be found at https://www.movers.com/moving-guides/your-guide-to-organize-a-move.html

In this new organizational aid, Movers.com specialists explain step-by-step how to prepare for a long-distance move, starting with finding a printable moving checklist. These lists can be found online, at Movers.com, or through certain moving crews by request, and they provide a simple list of essential steps that should be checked off throughout the process.

The guide also contains a list of documents that should be kept or tracked, both at the old house and the new residence. This includes any utility payments and correspondence with utility companies, loan records, mover records, and any receipts or documents relating to the new home, such as receipts for new furniture, kitchen taps, or appliances.

While the guide does not suggest an exact start date for packing, it does explain that this should never be left until the last minute, or started too early. Movers.com experts indicate that it will take an average of 5 to 7 days to pack a “medium-sized house,” but this can still vary widely based on individual situations.

The full report explains step-by-step how to declutter, organize, and then pack a house, working room by room. It also includes professional packing strategies to ensure each item is boxed safely and suggestions for labeling and organizing boxes so they will be easier to unpack in the new home.

One alternative option suggested in the guide is to use full-service movers. While this option does have increased costs, it includes having a professional crew pack up everything in the original house, transport it, and set everything up again in the new home.

Readers can also use a simple tool included in the report to estimate the rates for professional services, ranging from full-service moves to basic transportation. Users can click “Get Quotes” on the Movers.com website to get up to 7 estimates from local moving crews, with no cost or obligation.

Learn more about moving rates for various services, local moving crews in Queens, NY, and how to estimate the rate for an upcoming move, at https://www.movers.com/moving-companies/ny-new-york/queens-village/cheap-movers.html

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