Coastal Blue Magic(TM)’s Distribution Center: A Green Solution for Pest Control

Ventura, CA – Blue Green Ventures(TM), a leading pioneer in sustainable consumer products, proudly announces its strategic partnership with Coastal Blue LLC, a powerhouse in distribution operations. This groundbreaking collaboration sets the stage for an unparalleled distribution push across the West Coast, transforming the market dynamics for innovative products for people, pets and plants.

The cornerstone of this partnership is the exclusive distribution of Farmer Ryan(TM) Early’s groundbreaking creation, Blue Magic Naturals(TM), which has taken the natural pest prevention industry by storm. Coastal Blue LLC, renowned for its exceptional reach and distribution prowess, will spearhead the strategic deployment of Blue Magic Naturals(TM) across California and neighboring states.

Blue Magic Naturals(TM), the brainchild of Farmer Ryan(TM) Early, embodies nature’s power meticulously curated into various pest-preventative products. With a commitment to sustainability and authenticity, Blue Magic Naturals(TM) has gained a strong following for its transformative results and environmentally conscious ethos. This partnership ensures that the groundbreaking technology will now be more accessible than ever before, thanks to Coastal Blue LLC’s extensive distribution network.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Coastal Blue LLC in this strategic partnership,” says Farmer Ryan(TM) Early, CEO and Founder of Blue Green Ventures(TM). “This collaboration represents a fusion of innovation and logistical excellence that will undoubtedly reshape the West Coast markets. Together, we are set to redefine how consumers experience and access Blue Magic Naturals(TM) products for People, Pets, and Plants.”

Coastal Blue LLC, a trailblazer in distribution, aims to show an impressive track record of optimizing supply chains and delivering products to diverse retail partners. Their unmatched expertise and extensive network make them the ideal partner to introduce Blue Magic Naturals(TM) to a broader audience, ensuring a seamless and efficient distribution process.

“Our alliance with Blue Green Ventures(TM) marks a significant milestone for us,” states Joe Fritts, Founder of Coastal Blue LLC. “The prospect of contributing to the success of Blue Magic Naturals(TM) is a challenge we wholeheartedly embrace. This partnership underscores our commitment to innovation and market expansion.”

As this partnership takes shape, consumers can anticipate a heightened availability of Blue Magic Naturals(TM) products at select retailers across California, Arizona, and other adjoining states. This collaboration bridges the gap between extraordinary products and the consumers who seek them, uniting two forces dedicated to enhancing well-being and promoting sustainable living.

About Coastal Blue Magic:

A family-owned business dedicated to providing all-natural, effective solutions for pest and mildew prevention.

Joe Fritts and Daniel Fritts, a father-and-son team with a shared passion for agriculture and a belief in nature’s power, founded this company. they saw a need for more sustainable and healthy pest and mildew control options and set out to create a solution for southern California farms and growers.

After years of research and development, Coastal Blue Magic is proud to introduce an all-natural pest deterrent, formulated as the first line of defense against pests and mildew, using only the highest quality, natural ingredients to their distribution line.

Blue Magic(TM) products are committed to continuously researching and improving these products to ensure they are the most effective and environmentally friendly solutions on the market. The team ultimate goal is to help farmers and growers sustainably protect their crops and plants without relying on harsh chemicals.


For media inquiries, please contact:

Daniel or Joe Fritts


(805) 676-0070

About Blue Green Ventures:

Blue Green Ventures, LLC (BGV) is a privately owned and operated company based in the United States. BGV operates across multiple business lines with an emphasis on agriculture and bioscience.

BGV is a fully integrated biotechnology company focused on research, production, processing and distribution of natural products, particularly botanicals.

BGV company focuses on agronomic and environmental innovations that significantly reduce or eliminate the use of toxic chemicals and costly agricultural practices. BVG’s mission is to provide better living solutions for people, pets and the planet while creating new jobs with green technologies.


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