Rockville, MD Downsizing In Retirement: Home Sale Real Estate Guide Launched

Recognizing that many retirees are considering downsizing but do not know where to begin, Marc Cormier, an experienced Maryland realtor, has published a new report with expert guidance for all the steps of the process. He lists financial benefits, easy maintenance, and improved accessibility as the key advantages of moving into a smaller home.

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The latest guide addresses the concerns of future retirees who are considering downsizing as a way to enhance their retirement income. According to Cormier, moving to a smaller residence usually leads to reduced monthly expenses, such as utilities, insurance, and property taxes. Furthermore, by selling a larger property and purchasing a smaller one, individuals can contribute to their retirement savings and improve their quality of life.

“Downsizing to a smaller home in Montgomery County, Maryland, particularly in Rockville and Silver Spring, offers numerous advantages for retirees,” Cormier states. “Over the years, property values in Montgomery County have consistently appreciated. Downsizing allows you to cash in on your home equity, providing a valuable source of additional retirement savings.”

Another benefit of downsizing listed in the guide is improved accessibility. A one-level home is more convenient for seniors with mobility problems. A smaller property is also easier to clean and maintain, freeing up more of the retiree’s time.

Marc Cormier details the steps homeowners need to complete in preparation for the sale of their property, including prioritizing belongings, decluttering, and getting rid of unnecessary items. He understands that this process may be overwhelming and suggests retirees enlist the help of professional organizers.

As a realtor with 20 years of experience, Marc Cormier offers his expert guidance to Maryland retirees who require assistance at any step of their downsizing process. He can help clients determine the value of their home, offer suggestions on upgrades and strategies for increasing its sale price, and find a new property based on the client’s criteria and unique needs.

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