Katie Hornor and Bizable.tv Create Inspiring Docu-Series: “Flamingo Advantage”

Katie Hornor, Founder and Visionary at The Flamingo Advantage, is embarking on an extraordinary journey of entrepreneurial inspiration. In an exciting partnership with Bizable.tv, she is set to unveil a compelling documentary series that delves into the remarkable entrepreneurial and life adventures that have been guided by divine providence.

The forthcoming documentary series, scheduled to debut in October, promises to captivate audiences with a profound narrative. Through the lens of their own experiences, Tap and Katie Hornor of The Flamingo Advantage aim to empower fellow entrepreneurs by sharing invaluable lessons learned. This series is a testament to the transformative potential of embracing one’s unique qualities within the realm of business while living out their faith authentically in the marketplace.

“As an entrepreneur, I’ve witnessed the remarkable journey of faith and entrepreneurship converging to create something truly extraordinary,” says Katie Hornor, “The path to success is paved with lessons learned, and my mission is to share these insights with fellow entrepreneurs. Through authenticity and faith, we can embrace our uniqueness and discover the freedom that lies in leveraging that in the marketplace. My story for His glory, and His Kingdom purposes.”

As each episode unfolds, viewers will gain insights, inspiration, and practical wisdom to help them thrive as entrepreneurs. The series invites everyone to join this empowering journey, and to ensure an exclusive premier viewing experience, a special sign-up form will be made available to fans before the public release of each episode. Those who are interested can sign up here to be alerted in advance: https://katiehornor.com/tvseries

About The Flamingo Advantage:

The Flamingo Advantage, founded by Katie Hornor, is a trailblazing organization dedicated to empowering Christian entrepreneurs and business owners. With a focus on faith and entrepreneurship, leveraged with a business owner’s uniqueness, The Flamingo Advantage offers guidance, inspiration, and practical insights to help individuals thrive in the business world. Through innovative coaching and mentorship, Katie Hornor and her team are committed to helping others unlock their unique potential, grow their income and impact.

Katie Hornor, Flamingo Advantage

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