Paramount Energy Confirm Value Proposition of Solar Batteries

Queensland Based Paramount Energy confirm that with energy prices continuing to soar and solar feed-in credits continuing to drop, Australian homeowners are realising the value proposition in their favour and quickly adding their own battery to store excess solar power to use at night.

Jye van Waelsden, Principal of Paramount Energy said, “A big trend being seen at the moment, is homeowners sick and tired of energy companies having control of their power. By installing a solar battery, they are securing their energy prices for years to come. It doesn’t matter for them if power prices go up or blackouts happen, they’ll always have the lights on.”

Paramount Energy is one of Brisbane’s cutting-edge solar panel and battery installers. They have been selected by U.S based Enphase, the Apple of solar to be one of the exclusive approved installers of their latest IQ8 series of micro-inverters, solar batteries, and smart controllers.

The latest solar technology that has taken Europe and the U.S by storm has finally arrived in Australia. With energy prices continuing to soar, Paramount Energy confirm that homeowners are jumping at this high tech home solar energy system promising them energy independence.

Paramount Energy use the latest Enphase technology for home and business owners to monitor their system anywhere, anytime. The Enphase micro inverters provide the ability to monitor every solar panel independently to ensure each solar panel is working to its maximum potential. With the enlighten platform home and business owners can track their solar performance and home energy consumption to see how much solar energy is being produced and how much they are saving.

“Throughout the solar system and battery selection process to best suit the client’s home, location and needs, Paramount Energy go to great lengths to ensure the very best technology and options are presented. The Choosing of an electricity provider after the solar system is installed can also be complicated. One month after the installation, Paramount Energy’s personal solar energy advisor will analyse the data and provide recommendations on which provider best suits the client. These are just two examples of our client focus being front and centre of all we do.” said Jye van Waelsden

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About Paramount Energy

Paramount Energy design and install future proof hi-tech solar energy systems for homeowners and businesses. There in-house team of CEC accredited electricians and designers specialise in supplying and installing the most advanced and reliable solar systems in Australia. By combining world leading solar technology, reliable solar panels and strict systemised installation processes, Paramount have become the trusted name for solar and battery installations.

Paramount Energy

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