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In an exclusive interview with Metro Cities Media, Hotel Marketplace confirmed the growing use of their digital platform by hotel brokers and those seeking information on local and international hotel brokers.

Mr Craig Collins said this when interviewed by Metro Cities Media, “Hotel brokers need to stay ahead of trends in hotels coming on the market and recent hotel sales. We are delighted to see a growing number of hotel brokers around the globe increasingly using our platform to keep abreast of this diverse and evolving marketplace.”

Investors and owners can access the contact details of over 150 brokers, from across the world, on the platform and view each broker’s track record of current hotel sales listings, as well as their past performance of hotels sold. This sales result information is extremely helpful for investors to determine which broker to engage for their transaction.

Hotel Marketplace is an online platform aiming to unite the hotel owner and investment community by providing hard to find information when evaluating hotel related matters.

“Staying ahead of trends in the hotel industry is essential for hotel operators, investors and brokers alike. Visitors to the site can not only keep up with evolving trends but view 220 current hotels for sale across the globe, and gain access to information on over USD 23 billion worth of sold hotel results, representing 500+ Hotel sales” said Mr Craig Collins.

To assist industry participants get the latest data from the platform, Hotel Marketplace have partnered with all the leading agencies in the hotel market from across Asia Pacific, the UK and Europe.

Visitors to the site can view 165 hotel and hospitality research reports detailing insights in the Asia Pacific, UK and European markets. They can also view photos and access descriptions of over 160 Hotel openings from across the globe. This and the above numbers are growing each day as they add more assets, sales, research and openings to the platform.

About Hotel Marketplace

Hotel Marketplace is an online platform aiming to unite the hotel owner and investment community by providing hard to find information when evaluating hotel related matters.

Hotel Marketplace features Hotel brokers’ profiles and track records, new hotel openings around the world, interviews with key players in the hotel industry as well as hotel market research reports and related investment news.

Hotel Marketplace helps hotel investors find their next deal fast. There’s no longer a need to search multiple websites, saving time and hassle. Plus, unlike many other commercial real estate websites, the platform specialises exclusively in hotels, with data on valuable historical sales for industry participants to use.

By listing properties on Hotel Marketplace, Hotel brokers generate additional reach for each listing as their assets are exposed to hotel investors 24/7 across the web. The platform also showcases agency and broker track records, helping hotel owners and investors find the right hotel broker to use on their next hotel sale.

Hotel Marketplace also helps hotel operators gain exposure amongst owners and investors, by sharing Operator Openings, News and Announcements with the platform’s growing global hotel investment community.

Visit to view current hotels for sale and sold hotels in the UK, Europe, Asia and Pacific. Signing up for the Hotel Marketplace newsletter delivers regular hotel market insights direct to subscriber’s inboxes.

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