West Deptford Intensive Outpatient Treatment For Gambling Addiction Launched

With this enhanced service, clients can get the comprehensive treatment they need without being admitted to a facility full time. As such, they can continue to do their work and fulfill family obligations while addressing the root cause of their compulsive behavior.

More information about Renewed Light’s service is available at https://renewedlightmh.com/mental-health-therapy/gambling/

Representatives note that while gambling addiction is not curable, patients will be taught coping skills needed to curb temptation. Hence, they can prevent relapsing, especially when faced with difficult situations or major life changes that increase their anxiety.

As per research, around 10 million Americans suffer from gambling addiction — a fact that is not helped by the prevalence of both offline and online betting platforms. The mental health center notes that this errant behavior is often co-occurring with other disorders, such as depression and PTSD.

Given the deep-rooted causes of gambling addiction, Renewed Light offers a holistic approach to addressing this issue. At the same time, it offers outpatient therapy so as not to disrupt a client’s day-to-day life and keep their treatment discreet.

Licensed therapists will utilize cognitive-behavioral therapy to help patients correct misguided thoughts about gambling, such as winning despite poor odds. The sessions involve both one-on-one and group therapy, with the goal of strengthening willpower, identifying triggers, and curbing the shame associated with addiction.

Renewed Light says that outpatient therapy is scheduled anywhere from three to five times a week. If there are co-occurring mental health issues — like bipolar disorder — medications may also be prescribed by the team.

A spokesperson says: “Similar to restricted drugs, gambling addiction triggers the release of dopamine in the brain. That’s why this condition requires a team of experts to assist you in achieving sustainable recovery. You can rest assured that Renewed Light is a safe space where you can heal from the scars of this mental health issue.”


A leading provider of mental health services in South Jersey, Renewed Light is committed to helping patients transform their lives. Its team is composed of skilled psychologists, therapists, and professional counselors who guide clients toward healing and freedom from their destructive behaviors.

Further details are available at https://renewedlightmh.com/mental-health-therapy/gambling/

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