Selling Crypto without KYC is Now Possible through Bitgamo

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After a long wait, it is finally possible now to sell crypto without KYC. This groundbreaking development has been made possible by Bitgamo, a crypto to fiat exchange that also guarantees up to 10% higher exchange rate for Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum compared to any other exchange.

Decentralization has been one of the cornerstones of the crypto industry since its inception. However, before Bitgamo, no other exchange managed to ensure anonymity of the users during crypto to fiat transactions. Bitgamo is based out of Luxemburg, a country that treats cryptocurrencies as an asset class. This is why the company is not legally bound to seek KYC details from its customers.

Moreover, Bitgamo is a strong proponent of protecting the privacy of its customers. Selling crypto on this platform doesnt require providing sensitive personal information such as passport, proof of fund, or other sensitive details. To prevent misuse of customer information, the company doesnt use any email marketing services, marketing automation platforms, customer service software, or third-party web analytics.

In addition to eliminating the need for KYC, Bitgamo has also hit the headlines by offering up to 10% higher crypto to fiat exchange rates compared to the prevalent market price. This is possible because of the companys innovative strategy of employing a network of third-parties to redistribute cryptocurrencies to the Middle East and other countries where unfavorable policies make it difficult for people to obtain or invest in crypto.

Carrying out transactions on Bitgamo is a simple process that is similar to sending a transaction from a wallet. Many users have mentioned that the entire process takes only around 20 minutes to complete. In case of any issues, users can seek help immediately from the companys 24/7 live support team. Most importantly, the platform can be used from any country around the world, regardless of its crypto policies.

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About Bitgamo: Bitgamo is a cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2020 by a noted financial group with the vision to introduce the benefits of crypto in countries where it is difficult to buy or own cryptocurrencies while addressing privacy related concerns. By redistributing cryptocurrencies through multiple third-parties, Bitgamo offers up to 10% higher price compared to market price.

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