Los Angeles Lemon Law Attorney, Shervin Behnam, Attorney at Law, Helping Clients Fight Problematic Vehicle Purchases

Los Angeles, CA – Shervin Behnam, Attorney at Law helps California drivers navigate lemon law to recover damages, seek refunds, or request replacement of defective or problematic new vehicles. The attorney has represented clients in lemon law cases, helping them understand the law and how it protects them from recurrent headaches and spending on car repairs.

Describing the conditions under which new vehicle owners can pursue a lemon law claim, the law firm noted that the California lemon law requires clients to have purchased or leased their vehicle in California. Lemon Law Attorney Shervin Behnam added that the vehicle is also required to still be under the manufacturer’s new warranty when the problem or defect was first detected.

Explaining the other requirements to file a lemon law claim, the lawyer noted that the defect should substantially affect the car’s value, use, or safety, and that the client must have given a reasonable number of attempts to the manufacturer or dealer to repair the defect.

Clients whose vehicles fall under these conditions, that is, they purchased the vehicle in California and have repeatedly dealt with a defect that has compromised their vehicle’s use, safety, and performance despite recurrent attempts to remedy it, may initiate the lemon law claims process.

Shervin Behnam, Attorney at Law says that some of the common serious car defects in lemon law cases include engine problems, transmission issues, electrical malfunctions, brake failures, airbag or SRS malfunctions, power steering problems, sudden acceleration, repeated jerking or shaking, and start-stop malfunctioning.

Other less common vehicle problems that may render a vehicle a lemon in California include such things as rattling noises, window problems, air conditioning whistling noises, excessive oil consumption, cooling system issues, infotainment screen problems, interior light flickering, mildew smell, and false warning light indicators.

Speaking on the possible outcomes or remedy of lemon law cases, Shervin Behnam, the lead attorney at Shervin Behnam, Attorney at Law noted that clients can choose either to have the manufacturer repurchase the vehicle back or receive a comparable vehicle – under the law the consumer has the option to choose either of these remedies. In some cases, a manufacturer may offer the vehicle owner a cash-and-keep option. The cash-and-keep option allows the client to keep the vehicle and receive a cash settlement. The lawyer, however, advised that the cash and keep option isn’t always the best. He said: “If you are still under the manufacturer’s warranty, you may be able to get a replacement vehicle instead.”

A consumer opting for the manufacturer to repurchase their car under the lemon law is entitled to recover various expenses. These include base monthly payments made up to the time of the defect, sales taxes, license fees, registration fees, and incidental expenses such as towing or repairs, as well as any penalties or charges incurred. Furthermore, the manufacturer is responsible for paying off the lease or loan amount. However, deductions for the buyer’s use of the car up to the first repair attempt of the defect are permissible.

Californians who are dealing with a defective or problematic vehicle with the same recurring problem can click here to learn more about lemon law and their rights. The attorneys at Shervin Behnam, Attorney at Law, are also happy to offer a no obligation complimentary consultation session to help residents understand their chances.

Shervin Behnam, Attorney at Law, is located at 11400 W Olympic Blvd #200, Los Angeles, CA 90064 US. Call them at (310) 341-4554 or visit their website.

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