Zilliqa partners with GMEX ZERO13 to launch consumer-focused carbon offset platform

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LONDON, UK, 27 September 2023 (PlatoData via 500NewsWire) — Zilliqa, a leading layer-1 blockchain offering high-performance, high-security and low-fee solutions, today announces a partnership with GMEX Group and its initiative ZERO13, the digital climate fintech aggregation ecosystem, to launch the first-of-its-kind carbon offset platform that will transform the way that retail customers engage with corporate environmental initiatives.

Together, Zilliqa Group and GMEX ZERO13 will deliver a cutting-edge platform that uses the blockchain-based currency, EVP, to represent carbon credit offsets. When they purchase goods or services, customers of brands partnered with Zilliqa will receive EVP tokens on the Zilliqa blockchain, enabling them to offset their carbon footprint directly through funding various environmental initiatives.

Through this innovative platform, users can channel these tokens towards funding specific carbon-credit offset initiatives, granting them direct influence over which environmental projects their offsets fund. The platform empowers consumers to have a tangible input in carbon neutrality efforts and make better-informed purchasing decisions. The EVP tokens come with programmable features, such as expiry conditions. If the EVP is not allocated to a carbon offset program by a set deadline, the token is either burned or reverted to the original owner, encouraging timely contributions to sustainability efforts.

For producers of carbon credits, this system not only amplifies the visibility of their projects but also introduces an innovative way to garner support and raise funds. The platform acts as a bridge, digitally connecting these initiatives with conscious consumers eager to contribute to tangible environmental solutions.

The platform offers businesses an opportunity to lead in corporate sustainability, providing complete transparency in how they and their customers' carbon offsets are allocated. In a market that is increasingly environmentally aware, this boosts consumer trust and strengthens brand credibility. The partnership leverages the combined strengths of Zilliqa Groups integrated vertical infrastructure and eco-friendly blockchain and GMEX's multi-asset trading capabilities to create a seamless, transparent, and responsible platform. It builds upon GMEXs existing services, including its integration with ZERO13, an automated AI and blockchain-driven international carbon exchange, registry and aggregation hub and asset settlement network ecosystem.

Speaking on todays announcement, Zilliqa Group CEO Matt Dyer, said: In the age of information and digital transformation, our partnership with GMEX ZERO13 represents a conscious step towards a greener future. Through this platform, every individual can be a stakeholder in the global fight against climate change. By bridging the gap between carbon credit producers and environmentally conscious consumers, we are ushering in a new era of sustainability. Leveraging Zilliqa's eco-friendly blockchain, we aim to redefine the consumer experience, making carbon offsetting not just accessible but also engaging and empowering.

Also commenting, GMEX Group and ZERO13 Chairman & CEO Hirander Misra, said: The current way of transacting carbon credits is opaque, manual and fragmented, and has to change to instill trust in the market in a way that both businesses and their consumers can align more effectively to create tangible positive impact to address climate change. He added, Our partnership with Zilliqa helps achieve exactly that to transparently digitally connect high quality supply side projects with consumer led and associated corporate demand in a way that restores trust in the market and introduces innovation not previously seen.

Also commenting, Zilliqa Group Chairman Mark Hemsley added: The collaboration between Zilliqa and GMEX ZERO13 brings to the fore a transformative solution in the climate tech domain. We are not just setting new benchmarks for corporate sustainability but also democratizing the process of carbon offset. Our vision at Zilliqa has always been to drive impactful technological solutions. The era of passive consumerism is behind us and our partnership with GMEX ZERO13 crystallizes this vision, offering a direct, transparent and impactful way for consumers to play a part in the larger environmental narrative.

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Zilliqa Group provides world-class Web3 and blockchain infrastructure as its core. The Group's mission is to facilitate industries, governments, and entrepreneurs' seamless transition into Web3 and the spatial web, delivering secure and sustainable solutions that drive the creation of immersive products and experiences.

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Zilliqa is a high-performance, high-security, and low-fee layer-1 blockchain platform. Engineered by The Zilliqa Group, the blockchain serves as a versatile foundation that facilitates a broad array of web3 applications and services across a multitude of sectors, providing a robust platform for emerging developers and established enterprises alike.

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GMEX Group (GMEX) offers sustainable digital solutions for the new age of global markets. The firm is a leading global provider of multi-asset exchange trading and post-trade software/software as-a-Service (SaaS) market infrastructure solutions and network of networks digital platform services. GMEX addresses end-to-end regulatory and contract environment needs for issuance, trading, clearing and settlement across exchanges and across multiple asset classes including traditional, digital and hybrid assets, as well as digital carbon credits and ESG real-world assets.

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ZERO13, a venture by GMEX, is an automated AI and blockchain-driven international carbon exchange, registry and aggregation hub ecosystem. The ZERO13 Hub provides a Platform-as-a-service, which offers a distributed point of entry for digital issuance, trading and settlement of carbon credits and real-world assets such as ESG securities. ZERO13 Hub connects multiple international carbon exchanges, registries, custodians and ESG project owners globally for supply verification, transparent pricing and real-time settlement using APIs and across blockchains enabled by ZERO13 Chain (Pyctor).

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