The EOS Network Foundation, Upland, and Aerial Join Forces to Transform EOS into a Climate Positive Blockchain Network

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The EOS Network Foundation (ENF) and Upland in collaboration with Aerial are proud to announce a groundbreaking initiative that will propel the EOS Network from being the world's first carbon-neutral blockchain to a climate positive blockchain network.

The EOS Networks architectural design offers low power consumption while delivering record breaking scalability and throughput that merges the effectiveness of immutable, decentralized systems with environmental responsibility. EOS ranks among the most environmentally friendly blockchains globally, with an annual carbon footprint of a mere 242 tonnes of CO2, a figure that has been fully offset since 2018.

"As EOS celebrates 5 years since becoming the worlds first carbon-neutral blockchain, we are thrilled to take our sustainability efforts one step further by going climate positive," said Yves La Rose, Founder and CEO of the EOS Network Foundation. "This remarkable achievement goes well beyond our initial sustainability goals for carbon neutrality by offsetting more than 3x the carbon footprint of the EOS Network. This reinforces our steadfast commitment to environmental sustainability and our ambition to create real-world value through blockchain technology."

Recognizing the importance of carbon offsetting in mitigating the environmental impact of blockchain technology, the EOS Network Foundation sought collaboration with Aerial, a leading sustainability platform, and Upland, a metaverse superapp mapped to the real world that simulates several aspects of life and economy.

Upland has been actively involved in EOS sustainability efforts as a carbon offset sponsor since 2021. Their own sustainability efforts also extend beyond blockchain infrastructure by offsetting their carbon footprint for the cloud services that help power the Upland metaverse.

"We are excited to collaborate with the EOS Network Foundation in this groundbreaking initiative to achieve climate positivity," stated Danny Brown-Wolf, Chief of Staff of Upland. Upland has been committed to environmental sustainability since the day we started. We're proud to help EOS become a climate-positive blockchain network."

Collaborating with Aerial, a sustainability platform that partners with verified environmental efforts globally, the EOS Network Foundation aims to actively reduce carbon emissions while inspiring others in the blockchain industry to adopt climate positive strategies.

"Partnering with the EOS Network Foundation and Upland in this climate positive initiative is an important milestone in the sustainability journey of the blockchain industry," commented Andreas Homer, CEO of Aerial. "We are honored to collaborate with such forward-thinking organizations that are dedicated to environmental responsibility and making significant positive changes."

The EOS Network Foundation and its partners aspire to set a new standard in sustainability within the blockchain industry. Through their actions, they aim to inspire and encourage other networks and applications to embrace climate positive strategies. Together, they believe in creating a sustainable digital economy and a lasting positive impact on our planet.

About the EOS Network Foundation

The EOS Network Foundation (ENF) was forged through a vision for a prosperous and decentralized future. Through our key stakeholder engagement, community programs, ecosystem funding, and support of an open technology ecosystem, the ENF is transforming Web3. Founded in 2021, the ENF is the hub for EOS Network, a leading open-source platform with a suite of stable frameworks, tools, and libraries for blockchain deployments. Together, we are bringing innovations that our community builds and are committed to a stronger future for all.

About Upland

Upland is an open web3 platform for the metaverse mapped to the real world. The company's mission is to build one of the leading and most dynamic maker-communities through a strong entrepreneur economy that allows players, creators, developers, and brands to manufacture goods and experiences, monetize assets, and provide utility and fun to other players. Headquartered in Silicon Valley with hubs in Las Vegas, Ukraine, and Brazil, Upland was named among Fast Company's "Next Big Things in Tech" in 2021 and one of "22 San Francisco Startups To Watch in 2022" by Built In SF. Upland is available on iOS, Android and the Web, and can be played from anywhere in the world.

About Aerial

Aerial is a sustainability platform that collaborates with verified environmental efforts worldwide to remove carbon emissions. By partnering with organizations seeking to offset their carbon footprint, Aerial is dedicated to creating a more sustainable planet and driving positive change in the blockchain industry.

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