Best Puppy Food Nutrition Guide & Feeding Schedule For Healthy Growth Released

The announcement comes as the number of dog-owning households continues to grow across America. A recent report by CNBC noted the premium dog food market has expanded as well, with retailers such as Petco and Chewy observing an increase in organic and human-grade pet food sales. While not endorsing any specific brands, helps new dog owners make sense of the saturated puppy food market and examines the long-term health benefits of a proper diet.

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According to the guide, approximately 68% of dog owners are unaware of the nutritional needs of puppies, including how much their puppy should be eating, or when it’s safe to switch to adult food.

VCA Animal Hospital recommends that puppy owners avoid maximal growth. This occurs when a puppy grows too fast as a result of overeating or the consumption of high-fat foods. Excessive weight gain can cause skeletal problems and shorten a dog’s life expectancy. At the same time, underfeeding a puppy can create issues for the development of the immune system. has crafted a comprehensive guide designed to provide pet owners with expert advice on raising healthy and happy puppies through proper nutrition.

The guide encourages puppy owners to discuss specific needs based on the puppy’s breed with a trusted veterinarian. General information is provided on creating a feeding schedule and growth chart that helps optimize a puppy’s growth. Puppy owners will benefit from the guide’s examination of homemade dog food. The guide also compares cooked and raw food diets and educates new owners about the risks of feeding a new puppy people food. is an online resource dedicated to canine health and wellness. With a focus on community building, features articles written by experts that help pet parents provide the quality of life every dog deserves.

A spokesperson for said: “One of the biggest challenges of being a dog owner is understanding our dogs’ unique health needs. From feeding them the right diet to keeping them active and ensuring they get the right veterinary care, there’s a lot to consider. But at, you’ll find a wealth of information on these topics and more.”

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