ERC Pandemic Relief Tax Credit: Eligibility & Application Support Service Update

The CPA firm, which offers only ERTC-related services, now has a new tool that facilitates faster eligibility assessment. With this online tool, employers can check if they are qualified to claim a refundable tax credit under the ERTC program in 15 minutes or less.

More details about the ERTC application and the free-to-use ERC eligibility verification tool can be found at

The update comes amid the deployment of new stringent compliance and review measures by the IRS to deter fraud and ensure only eligible U.S. businesses are funded. LP Consulting’s services make the ERTC eligibility verification and application process seamless and hassle-free.

Created in March 2020 as part of the CARES Act, the ERTC program is designed to provide financial relief for businesses affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. While the program has ended, the IRS still retroactively pays eligible employers who kept employees on payroll at the height of the crisis.

Qualified businesses can expect to receive up to $26,000 per W-2 employee for wages and healthcare expenses incurred during the pandemic. However, to qualify, the employer must have suffered a partial or full disruption to their operations due to government-mandated lockdowns or experienced a significant decline in gross receipts, the firm notes.

Its ERTC services include a hands-free application and IRS audit-ready documentation available to organizations in various sectors, including restaurants, local businesses, educational facilities, NGOs, and startups. These services are offered on a contingency fee basis and delivered by a dedicated team of CPA professionals with ample experience handling complex ERTC claims.

With this update, LP Consulting LLC reiterates its commitment to helping eligible employers who haven’t claimed the money they are entitled to under the ERTC program do so in an efficient and seamless manner.

A spokesperson for the firm said, “When you engage us, rest assured that you’ve hired the best CPA firm to lock in this one-time opportunity for a large refund check from the IRS.”

Interested parties can find more information about ERTC eligibility requirements and the no-cost application process by visiting

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