Mckoy Joins Forces With Zaki Amujei and Aurha on the Resonating Love Song: Da Da Da

Lekki, Lagos Sep 22, 2023 ( – After gracing our ears earlier this year with the celestial sounds of ‘Normally,’ a heavenly adorned track that resonated with the very essence of life, motivation, and the relentless hustle of the average person, the prodigiously talented Mckoy returns once more with his second musical masterpiece for the year: ‘Da Da Da.’ This time around, Mckoy delves into the realm of love and romance, painting a vivid tapestry of emotions through his melodic expressions.

In this latest release, Mckoy forges a musical alliance with the ever-talented Zaki Amujei and the enchanting Aurha, resulting in a musical symphony that unfolds over a captivating runtime of a mind-blowing two minutes. The collaborative efforts of these maestros bring to life a lyrical narrative that explores the intricate facets of love. Zaki is enchanted by the allure of his beloved, while Aurha passionately professes her desire for her significant other, encapsulated in her heartfelt words: ‘Only you fit to quench my fire.’

One of Zaki Amujei’s notable strengths in “Da Da Da” lies in his adept use of the Yoruba mother tongue, skillfully interwoven with English and Pidgin, through which he artfully expresses his love and devotion to his muse. With dulcet tones, he serenades, “wetin you do me gan, your love o ti mu mi gan,” evoking a profound sense of passion and tenderness.

The sonic landscape of “Da Da Da” is an auditory delight, characterised by a contagious rhythm and an impressive interplay of percussions and strings that invigorate the senses and compel one to dance to the beat. The song embodies a brilliant fusion of afropop infused with a lingering essence of summer, reminiscent of old school love, a credit to the genius that is Josh Mixta. However, it is Zaki’s harmonies that provide the real magic touch to the composition.

The buoyant chorus and alluring lyrics are nothing short of remarkable, with Zaki delivering playful yet endearing punchlines such as “Hot pass egusi.” “Da Da Da” is an unconventional musical gem that possesses the potential to evoke the intended romance, subtly laced within its melodic undercurrents.

Mckoy’s artistry is a delicate fusion of music production and a keen eye for burgeoning talent within the industry as exemplified in his very recent track. It’s awe-inspiring to witness how he creatively merges the vocals of two talented artists to craft such a masterpiece. Mckoy is swiftly establishing himself as a visionary akin to the likes of Dj Khaled.

The resonance of the track and the enchanting aura of “Da Da Da” guarantee an infectious groove that will have you swaying to its rhythms upon the very first listen.

“Da Da Da” is now available to stream or purchase on all digital music platforms here:

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