Cascade Northwest Consulting Introduces Threat Assessment Consultation Services


The renowned firm introduces threat assessment consultation services for promoting safety in educational institutions.

Longview, Washington Sep 22, 2023 ( – Cascade Northwest Consulting, a recognized leader in school safety and threat management, is thrilled to introduce threat assessment consultation services. With a commitment to fostering safer learning environments, the consultancy offers comprehensive training programs designed to equip educational institutions with the tools and strategies to implement effective threat assessment programs.

Adam Scattergood, Cascade Northwest Consulting consultant, stated, “We are pleased to introduce threat management consultation services to our clients. We aim to empower schools and colleges with the knowledge and skills to assess potential threats and implement effective prevention and intervention strategies.”

Cascade Northwest Consulting offers programs for the safety and well-being of students in school. With over two decades of experience in school safety, the consultancy’s seasoned professionals are formally trained in behavioral threat assessment.

The firm takes proactive measures to minimize risks and maintain safe educational environments. The firm offers threat assessment training programs tailored to the unique needs of each institution.

This ensures a personalized approach that addresses specific concerns and challenges. The training sessions encompass in-person and remote options, allowing institutions to choose the format that best suits their requirements.

Cascade Northwest Consulting’s holistic approach to behavioral threat assessment is rooted in a multi-disciplinary and multi-agency framework. This approach allows for a comprehensive evaluation of potential risks and the development of tailored interventions and supervision strategies.

By focusing on a collaborative effort that involves various stakeholders, including educators, mental health professionals, law enforcement, and community members, the consultancy ensures that every aspect of threat assessment is considered.

The implementation of Cascade Northwest Consulting’s threat assessment process enhances physical safety. It nurtures a psychological sense of security within educational institutions. This combination of preventative measures and psychological support contributes to a positive learning environment where students and staff can thrive.

With their team of experts boasting formal training in behavioral threat assessment and extensive experience in school safety and threat management, Cascade Northwest Consulting has gained a reputation as a trusted partner for educational institutions seeking to bolster their safety protocols.

The consultancy’s commitment extends beyond training, providing ongoing follow-up consultation and technical support to assist institutions in fully implementing their school-based threat assessment programs.

Adam added, “We understand the complexity of threats that educational institutions face and seek to create an atmosphere of security and trust conducive to learning and growth.”

Cascade Northwest Consulting offers a comprehensive and results-driven solution for institutions seeking to fortify security measures.

About Cascade Northwest Consulting

Cascade Northwest Consulting is a renowned consulting firm specializing in threat assessment consultation and school safety. With a mission to create safer educational environments, the firm offers comprehensive consulting services and training programs to empower schools in proactively addressing targeted violence and ensuring the well-being of students and staff.

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