Pepperells Solicitors Win Sepsis Negligence Case: Hull Hospital Admit Liability

On 13th September, World Sepsis Day, People were reminded of the silent and swift enemy that lurks in the corners of hospitals. A recent admission of liability from Hull Royal Infirmary for a preventable death due to Sepsis puts a spotlight on the importance of timely intervention and raises questions about current procedures.

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The story begins on March 15th, 2020 when an elderly lady was admitted to HRI for a persistent urinary tract infection (UTI). She was cheerful and relieved knowing that her ailment would be treated with IV-administered antibiotics and she would soon return home. However, her relief turned into despair as a chain of oversights led to an unfortunate demise two days later.

“The delay in administrating IV antibiotics had fatal consequences. Had it been timely, it could have saved my mother’s life,” said the bereaved daughter, emphasizing how every second counts when combating sepsis.

In the wake of this heartbreaking incident, The Sepsis Trust has emphasized the need for greater awareness about sepsis warning signs. According to their research, Sepsis claims 46,000 lives annually within hospital wards but with quick antibiotic intervention, these fatalities can be drastically reduced.

“We urge everyone to educate themselves about sepsis. Understand its red flags and never hesitate in asking healthcare professionals: ‘Could it be Sepsis?’ Your awareness could make the difference between life and death,” advises Dr Tim Nutbeam of The Sepsis Trust.

Victoria Neale from Pepperell’s Solicitors represented the family in seeking accountability from Hull Royal Infirmary. Her unyielding commitment saw justice served as they admitted liability for their oversights leading to unnecessary loss. “We pursued truth relentlessly so that no one else has to face what this family did,” said Victoria Neale.

Pepperell’s Solicitors is known for their tenacious pursuit of justice, offering legal expertise in various areas. Their attorneys, like Victoria Neale, are committed to serving their clients with utmost dedication and compassion. This recent success is a testament to their reputation.

Meanwhile, The Sepsis Trust is working relentlessly to spread awareness about this silent killer. They provide valuable resources for individuals and families navigating through the tumultuous journey of sepsis.

Remember, knowledge is power. Equip yourself with the necessary information about sepsis from trusted sources like The Sepsis Trust.

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About Pepperell’s Solicitors. Pepperell’s Solicitors is a comprehensive legal service provider dedicated to achieving optimum outcomes for clients through personal attention and a robust commitment to justice.

About The Sepsis Trust. The Sepsis Trust is an organization devoted to raising awareness about sepsis and providing support for patients and families affected by this potentially fatal condition.

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