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Profit-Plays helps top performing digital agency owners simplify and scale so they can grow from $1m and up, and enjoy their work and life more. Charlie Cook, the founder of Profit-Plays has spent the last 25 years helping others grow their businesses as well as growing his own.

His first website barely broke even, but his second sold for seven figures back before Google was a verb. Since then he’s helped hundreds of business owners scale their companies. After growing his own digital agency by 1500% and exiting, he launched Profit-Plays to share the proven strategies he’s used to generate predictable revenue and profits and give owners more time for fun.

The simple idea behind Profit Plays is to help other growth minded business owners leverage the proven Profit Plays Charlie developed over the last 25 years, and scale their agencies faster.

“As a coach he helped me get my digital agency started. Then years later, after I stopped using him, my business began to fail in a big way.

I got back on the phone with Charlie and he had some great questions for me. The result being he turned from a coach into a business partner and together we grew our agency more than I could have ever dreamed. He is a coach, and he is going to push your comfort level.

After working with Charlie, I can honestly say, “I’m a better business owner, better person, better speaker and we had a blast growing our agency.”

Kevin St. Clergy

“Charlie has been mentoring me on how to scale up. He’s been helping me with the strategies I need and the tools to help me continue to grow and thrive, potentially without me.”

Cory Michael Sanchez
Mojo Global

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