Boynton Beach FL Retirement Planning 401k IRA Pension: Cash Management Update

Guardian Rock Wealth is offering new retirement planning packages that consider many possible financial resources for pensioners, including their 401(k), IRA plans, and Social Security, among others. The goal of the service is to educate retirees or those nearing retirement to set up a practical and realistic retirement income plan.

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The new services offer a refreshing approach to wealth management. Each custom retirement package is collaboratively designed with John Browning, an expert financial advisor, prolific podcaster, and bestselling author. Clients learn to navigate all the 5 stages of retirement, from pre-retirement to stability. Throughout all stages, clients understand how to manage their retirement income and the other ways to augment it, including both traditional and unconventional methods.

“This is important,” says Browning. He explains that many Americans often get so fixated on “one” way to retire that they do not consider other methods for personal finance. In his book, “Build a Life, Not a Portfolio: A Guide to Your Financial Future Based on Your Personal Values”, he dedicates several chapters to the different milestones people need to meet to retire successfully as they define it.

One of these milestones is to resolve revolving debt before retirement. More than learning about 401(k)s or depending on Social Security, Browning emphasizes the need to have little to no debt by the time a person reaches age 60. He clarifies that debts often create a vicious cycle, where people pay only the interest on their loans because that is the only thing they can afford monthly. However, using one’s pension just for debt payment reduces the money a person can use for other living expenses, such as rent and utilities.

Browning and his team at Guardian Rock Wealth help residents avoid this with their expert retirement planning services. Clients work with the team to design a custom solution that may include a SEP (simplified employee pension) IRA plan or a SIMPLE (savings incentive match plan for employees) IRA plan.

Browning says, “Combining these tools with specialized tax strategies in conjunction with a qualified tax planner can help create tax free income in retirement to increase the amount of cash flow you have to create financial peace of mind in your retirement years.”

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