Life Coach Eric North aka “The Happiness Warrior” shows the path to finding happiness in the workplace

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New York City, New York Sep 21, 2023 ( – Nowadays, a lot of people around the world are suffering from stress and other issues due to their work life, and being one of the best Life Coaches out there, Eric North is ready to bring a change in everyone’s life. Well revered as “The Happiness Warrior”, Eric shows the route to find happiness in the workplace which not only helps to have a healthy mental and physical life but also teaches how to cope with daily difficulties. The esteemed author is now sharing his own life experience and realizations with others in order to help them pave their way.

Eric found some of his happiest memories in life in the workplace where he was trusted and felt a common rapport with the people at work. A job can offer both fulfillment and purpose. Collaborating and learning from others with different circumstances and histories can be a life-changing experience. However, some jobs can be disastrous as well. But Eric has always found joy in human connections and that is what matters the most in life. He started working early when he was in mid-school and he has always enjoyed the productivity and camaraderie that come along with the workplace. Eric believes that the laughs and friendships that have come from working all those years play a big part in life and work as an inspiration to proceed.

Eric is well aware of the story of both sides as he has worked as an employee and in later years he became the employer himself. It is quite normal to feel more stressed with an upgrade in designation and workplace responsibilities, but the drastic change can also offer plenty of opportunities to expand one vision perception dreams, and potential. As a leader, Eric felt the gravity and the importance of his sole responsibility of leading others and being responsible for many lives. Happiness can be only churned out when people are at their best and share their dreams and aspirations.

As the leader and creator of his businesses, Eric wants to set a culture of the workplace that is healthy and brings more productivity to everyone’s life. Sometimes it is required to be better and break with traditions. When every employee feels respected and valued at every level, the workplace can become a happier place where acceptance and respect for one another are the norm. The workplace can be supportive and welcoming with opportunities for growth and achievement. It gets a better place when everyone is represented and every voice is heard. Eric believes that life is hard enough without having to spend eight hours or more each day in a place where humans can’t wait to leave.

There are many ways one can personally make work better and more life-affirming. In order to find the right place and to create a niche, Eric offers ten reliable ways to work happier for all. Firstly, everyone should understand the importance of team building which helps develop skills by encouraging individuals to voice their ideas and strategies in the group. Secondly, greeting or acknowledgment can play a vital role in instilling more natural interactions and exchange of ideas. Consistency and attitude are a sure way to win both in and out of the workplace. Thirdly, one should never hold back from giving praise or recognition when someone has an achievement. The fourth step is to find value in work and self for being happy and purposeful. When one understands their value, the path ahead becomes more vivid. Happy and successful people are always ready to help others and share their wisdom. So, the fifth step is to omit the people from life who are not bright and welcoming and tend to hold others back.

Consistency is the key to a happy life and helps raise value and purpose. The sixth step is to show up at the workplace every day and offer the best. It helps to build a stronger foundation of truth and self-confidence. The seventh way is to find meaning in the work that has to be done every day. Without finding the meaning and purpose behind work, it is impossible to find the essence of fulfillment. Understand what impact it has on the world. The eighth way is to practice empathy in the workplace which can make it happier for all. Forgiveness and accountability are two essential values. The ninth way is to set goals for job achievement and advancement and stick to them.

Last but not least, one should never forget to have fun and laugh together at the workplace and outside it. Engaging in non-work-related activities is a great opportunity to know and appreciate each other on a higher level. With these 10 effective ways offered by “The Happiness Warrior”, one can achieve a higher work-life balance and become happier professionally. To learn more life coaching lessons, find Eric at

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