Goldstone Financial Group Launches Retirement Planning Services In Nashville, TN

The latest move from Goldstone Financial Group extends the team’s expertise in building robust strategies for people at all stages of life – from young professionals wishing to plan ahead to those on the verge of retirement. As certified fiduciary agents, the firm’s consultants are legally obligated to advise in the best interests of clients at all times.

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The expanded services are built around Goldstone’s “retirement roadmap” – a systematic financial strategy, designed to ensure that clients’ life expenses are met comfortably and reliably as they ease into their twilight years. The firm’s three-pronged approach consists of discovery, evaluation, and planning – offering a detailed exploration of client goals and circumstances.

With a rigorous income planning stage that includes strategies to maximize social security benefits, a detailed analysis of income, and both current and future expenses. This exploratory phase also entails strategies to preserve retirement accounts against rising inflation and account for spouses and other dependents. The advisory team also brings expertise in annuities and IRA rollovers.

Another central plank of the Goldstone approach is building a robust and diverse investment portfolio. The team helps pinpoint each client’s risk aversion level, finding the ideal investment choices that deliver peace of mind while meeting long-term financial goals. Care is also taken to identify portfolio fees that can be reduced.

Goldstone clients also benefit from the firm’s expertise in tax planning, maximizing assets, and optimizing deferral strategies. Other facets of Goldstone’s retirement roadmap include healthcare planning, and incorporating contingencies for long-term medical care.

An SEC-registered fiduciary, Goldstone Financial Group is led by founder and CEO Anthony Pellegrino. During his 20-year career, Mr. Pellegrino has helped over 2,500 clients bridge the paycheck gap during retirement.

With regards to its retirement planning approach, Mr. Pellegrino stated: “At Goldstone Financial Group, we have a process for building a financial strategy that gives you a firm foundation for pursuing your goals. We’ll provide a tactful and comprehensive financial strategy just for you.”

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