Debut Author Launches L I V E W I D E– A Journey of Courage and Hope for Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Wilmington, Delaware Sep 20, 2023 ( – In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, Elizabeth Distel Grady is releasing her first book, L I V E W I D E. This emotionally charged personal account invites readers on an unforgettable expedition through the author’s battle against a rare and aggressive form of breast cancer, confronted in her thirties. It features a beautifully unique layout, a compelling narrative and transcends a typical cancer survivor story.

L I V E W I D E explores a profound self-discovery that emerges while confronting life’s fragility. Elizabeth Grady’s prose guides readers through a tumultuous, wry rollercoaster of experiences and emotions, vividly portraying resilience and fortitude.

This book is rooted in a journal diligently maintained by the author throughout her battle with cancer. It isn’t just a linear narrative; instead, it offers a personal and unfiltered account that mirrors the chaotic nature of life during illness. Readers will immerse themselves in the author’s world, experiencing every high and low as if they were alongside her.

Embedded within this memoir is a story of immense medical significance. LIVE WIDE pays tribute to the development of one of the first genetically targeted therapies for cancer: Herceptin. It honors the long-term survivors–living proof of the drug’s benevolence two decades later. The book is an expression of gratitude to those who have played a part in advancing cancer treatment.

L I V E W I D E is not merely a book; it serves as a beacon of hope and a testament to human resilience.

LIVE WIDE is being sold through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other leading online platforms.

About the Author

Elizabeth Distel Grady is an author, philanthropist and advocate for cancer research. Professionally, she spent 35 years as a media director working for top U.S. ad agencies.

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