Toronto Family Lawyer: Buddhist Wisdom For Divorce, Spirituality Guide Published

With tens of thousands of Canadian married couples filing for divorce each year, Ivan Steele Law has released a guide to help individuals spiritually handle their separations. Five mindfulness tips accompany the seven suggestions in the manual.

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One of the tips the family lawyers offer in the new guide is to practice non-attachment by letting go of relationship expectations and pressures. Other advice revolves around staying in the present, sending loving thoughts and practicing compassion, acting with integrity, and recognizing that everything is impermanent – and as such, will pass. Ivan Steele Law’s mindfulness tips to help readers follow these Buddhist divorce precepts include breath-focused meditation, loving-kindness meditation, and reflections on the nature of change.

According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), practicing mindfulness can increase awareness and concentration by helping individuals live in the moment. The NIH further states that mindfulness can alleviate anxiety, reduce depression, and improve sleep. The mindfulness divorce guide released by Ivan Steele Law was authored to help divorcees deal with their situation by staying in the present.

The final two tips in the release are more philosophy-based. The first is to practice the Buddhist middle way by avoiding extreme emotions during a divorce. The second is to internalize the fact that suffering is a part of life. By understanding this, divorcees can choose to glean wisdom from their separation instead of being wounded.

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