Renowned author and life coach Eric North aka “The Happiness Warrior” talks about becoming more authentic and admirable

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New York City, New York Sep 19, 2023 ( – Eric North is a celebrated author and life coach who has found his passion in helping people and guiding them to find their real happiness. North is also known as ‘The Happiness Warrior’ and enjoys himself among people who love and value themselves for who they are. He also states that to find the ultimate happiness, one should be accepting of themselves and value what they have to offer. In his new advice to become more likable just by being the authentic self, the coach says that only people who allow themselves to be vulnerable and aren’t afraid of revealing their true inner being. These are the qualities that help refine and make people the best versions of themselves while helping to become warriors for their lives and surrounding people.

While talking about how each day can be an opportunity to be better, North says that everyone can summon these self-guided powers and be more likable and admired by others. In this big world consisting of 8 billion people, it is easy to feel isolated and invisible because it is a world where humanity is slowly eroding by the forces that seek to divide and control humans. However, it is this change that is making people more aware of their similarities and differences. People want to be noticed for their attributes and skills, but too often they don’t stand out and get lost in the monotony of daily lives.

A similar thing happened to The Happiness Warrior as well as he was not always sure of his place in the world. He fell out of sync with his family and friends and knew he was different without understanding why while seeking the easy friendships and popularity that so many of his schoolmates had but something would always show him the truth. That is when his journey of learning about himself started as he continued to learn from the lessons that come from loss and pain. These lessons gave him perspective and led him from his darkest moments. According to North, this is how people create their desired lives where others see them in their truthful and most authentic light. The goal is to become likable for who people truly are without needing to assimilate and silence their integral parts.

The celebrated life coach says that to achieve and attain the desired life, it becomes important to push the life restart button. North has always been a big believer in second chances and the power of redemption, for which all it takes is a mindset with purpose and intention. According to the best-selling author, it is important to have an attitude of not going backward along with a promise of being their best. To become more likable, it is important to have the right attitude that will show how people treat themselves and others. One of these right disciplinary attitudes is to take part in active listening. As most people appreciate when they are listened to instead of being interrupted or ignored, it gives listeners perspective.

According to North another major quality that can help improve people’s attitudes is being supportive. He states that it is important to be supportive of one another and rarely critical unless it is said in a sensitive and understanding way as it helps create loyalty and a sense of belonging. Another way of becoming the most authentic version of a human being is to have the quality of doing follow-ups as it shows that people care and that they’ve listened. It is also important to find common ground and make a connection. People often go through the same experience of being told that they are too different, not a good fit, or hard to see in more than one dimension. So it becomes essential to find a common ground which can be a memory, activity, or favorite place.

According to North, body language is a powerful way to make people more likable and open. The key is to focus on posture and eye contact with the Head up and shoulders straight and approachable. This also includes putting the phone down while talking to people or in a group as no one wants to be ignored. The Happiness Warrior states that it is important to come out of the victim mindset. People who complain all the time are the ones who soon find themselves without friends. At the same time, it is also essential not to dominate the conversation while letting others have a chance to express themselves.

On this journey to becoming more friendly and likable, Eric points out that the rule is to never brag about possessions and status and practice gratitude. Even though some of these qualities come naturally to good human beings, with the correct steps, people can transform themselves. Follow Eric North on for more details.

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