Bloomsbury Publishing says latest Rundell book a work of “astonishing excellence”

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Bloomsbury Publishing PLC (LSE:BMY) Group Finance Director Penny Scott-Bayfield speaks to Thomas Warner from Proactive following the launch in the first of a new trilogy of books, for which Bloomsbury has exceptionally high hopes.

Katherine Rundell's new book "Impossible Creatures" was released on 14 September and Scott-Bayfield describes its as a work of "astonishing excellence" and "an extraordinary book about a boy who enters this absolutely magical world and there's an element of danger and love and loss and extraordinary excitement and extraordinary originality."

She highlights Rundell's track record of delivering much-loved and successful stories, noting that Rundell's work has already garnered critical acclaim, including the prestigious Costa Prize. Bloomsbury is known for being the publisher of the Harry Potter books, and Scott-Bayfield says that the company's broader strategy focuses on nurturing remarkable authors.

"Part of our strategy is to develop amazing authors coming through, and we [also] benefit hugely from the success of Sarah J. Maas" whose upcoming release is highly anticipated.

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